This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the presence behind the veil. 
Hebrews 6:19

We are Charlotte Wedding Photographers and our greatest desire is to combine our love and heart to create bold yet intimate images that evoke emotion. With the camera in our hand, we see the world differently than most and we would be honored to capture your wedding day in a bold, intimate and emotional way.

we are anchor and veil

Owner/Lead photographer


Our philosophy in pricing is different than most and we believe that is a small taste of what makes us unique. When it comes to photographing your wedding, we are far more focused on capturing the moments of the day because it is what we love to do, not just taking some photos to make a profit. Because of this, We believe moments are contained in a 8-10 hour window. We believe that moments happen all throughout the day so all-day coverage allows us to capture it all! ! We also strongly believe that those moments don't live on a disk but as works of art in your home so that you can re-live those moments every day and not just when you stumble across a folder.

Our greatest desire is to serve you really well and for you to know that your wedding day is the most important day in the world to us! To make sure this is possible, we only take 15 weddings in a year and we spend a lot of time getting to know you and your needs! 
As we get to know you, it allows us to capture amazing moments on your day. We capture the moments that only happen between friends and family, the real moments that happen when no one has to plan or orchestrate a pose but when no one is looking and everyone is just themselves. Those are the moments that you want to look at 25 years down the road and remember. 

Because your wedding day is once in a lifetime and you want to feel it over and over again until you are old. 

Because your love story should be told beautifully and honestly.

Because your wedding deserves to be documented from the heart, by someone who is invested with all their heart.

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As Seen in

We are beyond thankful to have been published on some of the top wedding blogs in the world. This not only shows that we meet the standards of our friends and family, but exceed the standards of the industry. We have had our NC weddings as well as destination weddings published online and in magazines, so you can be sure that your day will be well taken care of!

Pricing Breakdown

Watch ths video where I explain what is in included in each collection!

This should answer most of your questions

- All Day Wedding Coverage
- Premier Leather Family Heirloom Album (Your First 30 pages; 12x12)
2 Linen Replica Parent Albums (30 page 8x8)
- Heirloom Leather Album Box
- Downloadable Wedding Day Archival Files (Sized for Printing 8z10 or smaller)
Engagement Session
- 8x8 Engagement Album, 10 Pages + Album Digitals (Sized for Printing 8x10 or Smaller)
- Engagement Guest Book
- Additional Session (bridal, Boudoir, anniversary, etc.)
- Additional Session Book
- Rehearsal Dinner Coverage
- Gifyyy Photobooth
- Second Photographer

$19,000 Value

the royal collection

- All Day Wedding Coverage
- Linen Family Heirloom Album (Your First 30 pages; 10x10)
- Engagement Session
- Second Photographer
Downloadable Wedding Day Archival Files (Sized for Printing 8z10 or smaller)
8x8 Engagement Album, 10 Pages + Album Digitals (Sized for Printing 8x10 or Smaller)

$11,000 Value

the COUTURE collection

- Up to 8 hours of Wedding Day Coverage 
- One Photographer 
Downloadable Wedding Day Archival Files (Sized for printing 8z10 or smaller)

$7,000 Value

the BOUTIQUE collection

Engagement Session - $800 
Gifyyy - $500
Bridal Session - $500 
Boudoir Session - Ask for Pricing
Rehearsal Dinner Coverage - $1000 
High-Resolution Edited Images on an Online Gallery with Print Release - $899 
Second Photographer - $500 
Wedding Albums begin at - $500 
Additional Hours of Coverage - $400 


Travel is .55 Cents per mile outside of a 35 mile radius of Charlotte. 
Don't forget to ask about our destination packages! 
Online gallery is open for a year and stored on our online server for 3 years. 
Album prices vary depending on size and amount of pages.


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*** All Sales subject to a 7% NC Sales Tax

What's A Gifyyy?

Reviews from our couples

"We picked a month, they picked the date.
They are that good."

"You didn't take pictures of us on our wedding day - you captured every emotion, every glance, every facial expression."

"The pictures made us speechless. 
Truly beautiful, timeless pictures."

"It was the best decision we made knowing
that we had photographers whom we could trust."

"I get to relive my wedding day over again as many times as I want. Nothing compares."

Legacy is important. Its how people know about the past, its things that are passed on and stories told. We strongly believe that a VISUAL legacy is as important as a story told. In fact, I think its more important. So many stories are told in a photograph and your story deserves to be passed on and told for years to come.

document your

: something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

Visual Legacy


We hope to be more than just photographers. The decision for you should be based on more than just that. You are hiring someone that you hope can capture the wedding day exactly how you want to remember it years down the road, how you want your kids to see your day, and how you want your grandchildren to dream of a time that once was. That all starts with the person you hire, not just the photographer. I hope that makes sense, but there are a lot of photographers out there, but there are very few people that can capture the day exactly how you want.

Although we try to get it right straight out of the back of the camera, there is some magic that happens in our “digital darkroom” as we like to call it. There is a lot of creativity and imagination that makes each image pop. It is a representation of the art we want to create and put into the final image. Every image can benefit from having some love and care added; dull skin can glow, good portraits can be made into great ones and awesome locations can be made even more awesome. Each image is treated by hand, and each image requires its own magic formula.

Because this phase is more “behind-the-scenes,” it is often overlooked when it comes to comparing photographers, yet it is one of the most important and essential things to take note of! We treat every image to fit consistently in our style, to be crisp, clean and vibrant while still providing black & white images that fit each scene perfectly. We also love to get creative with stiching images together to make beautiful works of art! We take the time to cherish every image so that you can enjoy them for a lifetime!

We take this privilege and your investment extremely seriously so we love to invest back into you! We do this by investing into the best gear we believe is needed to capture you wedding day. We also invest heavily back into our relationship together! At random times you will receive gifts from us throughout your engagement and we will be there with you every step of the way in planning. We have done this dozens of times so we want to help anyway we can!

Each moment tells a beautiful story.
So, Why Invest? If you couldn’t tell, we are extremely passionate about having and giving wedding albums. Ultimately the decision comes down to what you value the most. Is it the dress? Is it the food? The Venue? As a happily married couple AND photographers, we believe that couples should make their photography a top priority. We aren’t just saying that because we are photographers. We are saying that because we truly, truly believe it. After the big day is over, you will leave your reception with a spouse & your wedding pictures.... That’s IT! All of the planning and preparation is over in a matter of hours! So if you’re choosing to invest in high quality photography, those images deserve a beautiful, elegant home after the wedding. We offer high end, leather bound Wedding Albums for our wedding clients. The images are printed straight onto the pages and the covers are wrapped with top grain leather or linen. This is the perfect ending to your perfect wedding experience and it’s something you will be showing your children and grandchildren one day.
Heirloom Albums
We are the generation of forgotten photographs. I have had this crazy dream that a giant magnet is going to come down and wipe out all of our hard drives. If that were to happen, no one would ever know our generation even existed. Everything is on our phone and facebook. But we really value the tangible representation of a moment in time that a print captures. There is nothing like holding them in your hands. So we love to offer amazing prints and canvases that will wow you for years to come! You can even get an idea of what they would look like on your own walls! One of the best things you can do with your wedding images is display them in your home. We have never walked into a past clients house and they said, “That CD you gave us looks AMAZING next to our fireplace!” People ALWAYS rave about how amazing their prints and canvases are displayed all around their home! I think the best day of your life should be highlighted and remembered all around your house.
Prints & Canvases

The retainer fee is the fee that holds that date for you! All we ask is for $2000 to hold that date for you. We make it simple for you to pay online so we ask that the remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your event date.



As photographers, Under the U.S. Copyright Law, we own the copyright of the images. We have taken them, edited them and uploaded them. They are our art and as artists, we want to make sure they aren’t resold, stolen or given out to anyone to use. It isn't to hold your images hostage, but to protect the integrity and quality of the images. Most of the time, a bride just wants the usage rights to print her images and share them so we have a print release license that comes with two of our collections for you to do so. If your collection doesn't come with a print release, you will either have to purchase the print release for all of the images, or purchase prints through us. If your collection does come with a print release, we have an awesome lab we would suggest using. Places like Wal-Mart and Walgreens have much lower quality ink and paper, and won't do your picture justice . They also auto adjust images not expecting you to bring in professional quality images. This changes the look you hired us for! Keep in mind, whether you have High-resolution or Low-resolution images, you can order prints through our professional lab, knowing that are the very best in the industry.



Any session that you may have other than your wedding will take between 2-3 weeks. Your wedding images generally take 6-8 weeks. If you receive an album with your package, that album will come in 4-6 weeks after your reveal and everything is approved!



Great question! We get this a lot! The most important thing for us is that you don’t look at our collections and be confused! The biggest difference comes with printing the images. The low-resolution, online optimized images are perfect for viewing online and sharing to your family on a computer. If you try to print them, they will become pixelated and won’t look great. They will also have a watermark on the bottom of your image. Don’t worry, it wont be distracting or get in the way of the image. High resolution images are great for printing, sharing and viewing anywhere. They come with the print release so you can print them how you please and they won’t have the watermark at the bottom of the image. All we ask is that you don’t use them for marketing purposes, but other than that, they are all yours!






 After a meeting, we will hold your wedding date for 48 hours to give you the peace of mind to make your decision! 



Come by our house/Studio and lets chat over a cup of coffee to ensure we are a good match for your wedding! You will see more photos, look through albums & talk about your day! 



Call or shoot us an email with your wedding date. If you have received this packet from us, we probably have already let you know that we are available! Please provide two face-to-face dates that you are free to meet (Facetime or Skype outside of Charlotte). 

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